How good is the profit of CFD traders?

Most of the CFD traders are self-employed. This means that there is no information shared online when it comes to their profits unless they reveal it themselves. Although there are traders that are under some establishments, it is still their choice if they want to share it to the public. In terms of how much the profits are, it depends on the traders skills and competence.

Furthermore, there are certain personalities in CFD trading that record all transactions they have on trading such as the earnings and the loss. These are the brokers. Yet, even though they keep on recording the happenings on the trading, they also don’t share any information to respect their customer’s privacy. Keeping your earnings private also has an advantage when it comes to tax stuff. Some would prefer telling the officials that they have lost a lot of trading so that the tax will not become bigger. Indeed,  a good point in keeping your profit in private.

There are CFD traders who are Billionaires. What about them?

Yes, and it’s not that easy or taken for granted. These billionaires have worked with consistency, knowledge, and the ability to adapt as well as  different holdings that include CFD. These people also have fallen many times but did not stop and learned from their mistakes.  As people say “the more entries, the more chances of winning.” These characteristics are proven effective to be successful  even in different types of trading. 

Obtaining what you ordered

“What you see is what you get” is a famous line in marketing. In CFD, your profit depends on the size of your account. If you have a smaller account, then a smaller profit. If you have a bigger account, then a bigger profit will be expected. In other words, trading needs money. If you have more to bet, then you have more to win. Traders who succeed are most likely earning in a decent percentage.

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Of course, this does not always fall the same way. It depends on different factors in trading. Indeed, beginner’s luck is true as those who are only starting trading will most likely grow.


Being a CFD trader is challenging. You may lose or you may win. That is why a pro tip should be followed and that is expanding your account to continuously build it and to have a sufficient return rate. The return of traders varies depending on their expertise and knowledge. Some traders are able to hit 5 percent return and others are greater than 10. It varies depending on their craftsmanship. 

This does not mean that when you enter CFD trading, you can resign from your job. These numbers are products of traders who have experience and enough knowledge. Great things take time. That is why you must be patient in learning if you want to be a successful trader. As Mike Tyson says “If you fall a hundred times, get up a hundred times.”