Law Offices of Dr. Bruce G. Fagel & Associates Marks the Advantages of Hiring Personal Injury Lawyers

If a person or their loved one has suffered an injury, they might want to receive compensation for it. But not all laymen know how to navigate their way through seeking out accident claim compensation. The legal process can be pretty complicated and overwhelming for anyone who is not much familiar with injury claims. Opting to hire a personal injury lawyer from well-established firms like Law Offices of Dr. Bruce G. Fagel & Associates can increase the chances of acquiring the deserving compensation to a good extent. Experienced attorneys can provide people with all the support and guidance they might need throughout the entire claim process.

As a person hires a personal injury lawyer to handle their injury claim, they will be in the position to focus on their recovery rather than dealing with an insurance company and claims adjuster. Certain insurance adjusters tend to pressure accident victims to sign medical releases and provide statements that are not in the best interest of the accident victim. Insurance adjusters may also pressurize the accident victim to settle their claim even before the victim has got a proper understanding of the full extent of his or her injuries and damages. An attorney shall prevent insurance companies from placing any kind of undue pressure on their clients, which are accident victims.  It becomes easy for many insurance companies to take advantage of an accident victim when the victim is vulnerable. A good lawyer helps in preventing this. An attorney shall help their clients in steering clear of any missteps that might hurt their chance of recovering full compensation for the injuries, damages, and losses suffered by them.

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Attorneys belonging to prestigious companies like Law Offices of Dr. Bruce G. Fagel & Associates will have a proper understanding of what is needed to prove liability and fault under diverse types of laws linked with injuries and accidents. The legal elements needed to prove a claim may vary depending on the law applicable to it, the state in which the case has been filed and so on.  The personal injury attorney shall handle the investigation competently and be in the position to identify the responsible parties. They will also and gather the evidence needed to prove fault. Experienced attorneys will be well-acquainted with the legal requirements involved in proving fault in cases associated with:

  • Premises liability claims: falls and injuries caused by hazardous property conditions
  • Medical malpractice:  Wrongful death Defective and dangerous products
  • General negligence claims: Vehicle accidents, nursing home abuse, animal attacks, and so on

It can be pretty difficult to gauge how much an injury claim is worth especially if a person is not familiar with personal injury laws. Insurance companies will have to pay as little as possible when it comes to settling the claim.  Claims adjusters are not going to tell someone whether or not they are receiving less than their claim is worth. A personal injury attorney will properly calculate the value of a claim on the basis of their financial losses and non-economic damages faced by their clients.