Remi Landau – Know What Is Trending and Stylish During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 Pandemic affected the fashion industry to a very large extent. Today, comfort is the key as most people are working from home, so they want soft fabrics. Self-care became the key, and activities like meditation, yoga, and simple layers gave rise to loungewear being high in demand. Consumers are now searching for clothes that are practical and high in quality. 

Remi Landau – An industry expert known for her amazing fashion and styles tips 

Remi Landau is an expert when it comes to style and fashion in the USA. She has a dominant presence in New York City and has been associated with iconic fashion names like Harper’s Bazar and Bergdorf Goodman. She shares valuable fashion tips in her own blog, where she shares the latest trends and style tips for everyone. 

She says some pieces of clothing are trending as a part of the self-care and healthy movement. There has been an exponential growth of track pants, and this is one of the largest fashion trends at present. 

Other classical pieces of clothing that are trending are sweat shorts that are a new trend, especially during the Spring. They are popular in different colors, and the popular ones are soft pastels or greys. 


They are no longer for sleeping, and due to quarantine, they have been considered appropriate to lounge around freely in your home. They made people comfortable, and their popularity highly soared during the pandemic. 


Virtual fitness and home workouts became popular when the gyms and the yoga studios had to be shut down due to the pandemic. Coupled with them, there was a soar in the sales of activewear as well. 

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Face masks

No one can ignore the dominance of face masks when it comes to style and fashion during the post-pandemic era. Today, no one can leave home without wearing a face mask. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC continues to recommend people to wear a good face covering to curb the spreading of the coronavirus as states in the nation continue to reopen and for those who have been vaccinated as well. 


During the pandemic, the clothes worn are not the only thing that people want to be comfortable with. They want their footwear to be comfortable as well. This is why sales of sneakers have increased, and some of the most brands of sneakers are in high demand today. 

Moreover, prominent and small fashion houses will not give in to the pressure of the pandemic, and clothing brands still need to freely express their uniqueness to make people look and feel beautiful. They will feel stylish and attractive to sail through these tough times. Some well-known fashion houses have switched to making PPE kits to keep people safe and looking fashionable at the same time. 

Remi Landau says that the pandemic has not stolen the spirit of people who still want to look fashionable in these challenging times. Fashion and looking good motivates people to step out or remain at home in style.