Volunteer Firefighter Alliance-Spreading Awareness About Fire Prevention for Kids 

When it comes to fire safety, children too should be taught about it as well. This is where responsible organizations step in to help as they organize workshops and seminars to help children know about fire safety and awareness on how to prevent fires. Children become aware of how to detect and keep unwanted fires at bay. 

Volunteer Firefighter Alliance – Spreading awareness about fire safety among children in the society 

Volunteer Firefighter Alliance Inc. is a respected and renowned national 501(c)(3) non-profit-making organization from  Knoxville, Tennessee.It has the mission to assist state-level volunteer firefighting departs in the USA. It does so by organizing volunteer recruitment drives in the community and radio outreach programs. The organization takes the initiative to introduce educational workshops and seminars about fire safety and prevention, especially for children. At these special events, the members here educate individuals on the community’s services for local volunteer firefighting departments. 

Checking smoke alarms and make sure they are functional

When it comes to the first rule of fire safety, ensure there is a functional smoke alarm on every level of the home, sleeping areas, and inside the bedrooms. One should test these smoke alarms every month and replace them once every ten years or when the battery of these smoke alarms becomes low. 

Know the difference between smoke and carbon monoxide alarms 

Kids should be taught the difference between carbon monoxide and smoke alarms. It is crucial for homes to have both smoke as well as CO alarms in the home. There are combination devices for both smoke and CO available in the market. However, if you have separate ones, you would know the sound of every alarm. 

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Cooking and reduce distractions in the kitchen 

When it comes to cooking, you should ensure there is a limitation of distractions when cooking. Never leave any stovetop or a hot oven unattended when you are cooking. Make sure you do not have anything nearby that can catch fire like wooden spoons, dish towels, and other things from your stove. 

Unplug all the devices when they are not in use to keep fires at bay 

You should ensure that you should unplug appliances like toaster ovens, slow cookers, and toasters when you are not in use. Make sure you keep candles at least 12 inches from any item that has the ability to burn easily. Make sure you blow them out when you are about to sleep or leave the room. Children should also keep this in mind after they have finished using their computers. 

The seminars conducted by Volunteer Firefighter Alliance teach children never to play with matches and dangerous lighters. Parents should never make a habit of placing them in places where they can easily find them. They should be kept out of the reach of young children as well. If you have a fireplace, one should choose the correct type of wood for their fireplace. The seminars and fire safety materials teach kids to burn seasoned and dry wood. They should also avoid the burning of trash near the fireplace.